Final Project Part 1-Color (pink)

Shutter Speed:1/640 F4.5 ISO:auto
Shutter Speed:1/640 F5.6 ISO:auto
Shutter Speed:1/1000 F5.6 ISo:auto

Final Project Part 2-Genre of Photography (landscape)

Shutter Speed:1/4000 F10 ISO:auto
Shutter Speed:1/2000 F10 ISO:auto
Shutter Speed:1/30 F5.6 ISO:auto
Shutter Speed:1/2000 F10 ISO:auto

05 composition

Vertical Symmetrical Balance shutter speed:1/800 ISO:300 F5.0

Horizontal Symmetrical Balance shutter speed:1/600 ISO:400 F5.0
Horizontal Rule of Thirds shutter speed:1/1000 ISO:400 F5.6
Focal Point Emphasized on contrast shutter speed:1/800 ISO:500 F4.5
Intentional Imbalance shutter speed:1/30 ISO:200 F5.6

Horizonal Diagonal Composition shutter speed:1/1000 ISO:400 F4.5
Radial Balance shutter speed:1/640 ISO:200 F4.0

04 bracketing

Overexposed” shutter:1/4 ISO:auto F13
“Perfect” Shutter speed:1/250 ISO:auto F13
“Under exposed” Shutter speed:1/1000 ISO:auto F13
“Under exposed” Shutter Speed:1″6 ISO:auto F3.5
“Perfect” Shutter Speed:0″3 ISO:auto F3.5
“Under exposed” Shutter speed:1/250 ISO:auto F3.5